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Clients hire us because our products speak for themselves.

Your Automotive Video Company

...And theirs.

OUR EXAMPLES (by type)

New Vehicle Department Spotlight Transitowne Hyundai—Buffalo, NY
  • New Vehicle Dept Evergreen Ford
  • Pre-Owned Dept Transitowne Resale
  • Service Spotlight Pierre Ford
"We Know Muscle Cars" Marysville Dodge—Marysville, WA
  • We Know TDI-VW McDonald VW
  • Clean Inventory Brien Ford
  • Ford Knowledge Evergreen Ford
Ford Focus - "Target Hunt" Harris Ford—Lynnwood, WA
  • Rear Park AssistPierre Ford
  • Pre-CollisionMagic Toyota/Scion
  • 2014 Land CruiserCapital Toyota
New Car (lease) Testimonial McDonald VW—Denver, CO
  • Used Testimonial Lou Fusz Dodge
  • New Testimonial Transitowne USA
  • Sales Testimonial West Seneca Kia
CHEVY — Youth Baseball Pierre Chevy—Seattle, WA
  • $93 Car Event Showcase Motors
  • Health Society Harris Ford, WA
  • FORD Drive-One Evergreen Ford

Dealer Testimonials

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Add Value to your listings

The Importance of Video on AutoTrader w/ Howard Polire Director of Education
  • How to Win / AutoTrader
  • Increasing Traffic With AutoTrader
  • How to upload videos to Autotrader

Branded Model WalkAround Video FAQS

WalkAround FAQ - "Do they expire when the next model year comes out?"

WalkAround FAQ - "How do these videos help a potential car buyer?"

WalkAround FAQ - "How do these videos help your salespeople?"

WalkAround FAQ - "How does this compare to other WalkArounds?"

WalkAround FAQ - "Are these videos different from traditional advertising?"

“Why Buy From Us” - Custom Video Questions

FAQ - "Who are these videos for?"

FAQ - "What will these videos do for my dealership's SEO?"

FAQ - "How long does it take for these videos to have an effect?"

FAQ - "How easy is it to deploy videos to your websites?"

FAQ - "How hard is it to maintain the videos?"

FAQ - "How is working with WNM different than an ad agency?"

FAQ - "How much does it cost to maintain videos online?")

FAQ - "What if my dealership is not 'camera-ready'?"

FAQ - "What are the benefits of having a video series online?"

FAQ - "Sounds expensive... Is it worth it?"/h4>


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