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Bounce Rate, and Stay Time are Major Factors in How Google Searches

Many of the serious buyers that are searching for your site every month are shopping many similar sites, from similar brands, at the same time. Pictures of the vehicles and pricing are the same on every site. Everyone agrees that bounce rate and stay time are massive factors in SEO, and the way to slow a customer down and achieve high scores in these metrics is to offer up the unique content that customers are already out searching for. Our videos are short and specific and build credibility in everything that goes on in the dealership — while allowing the actual website the fuel it needs to achieve a high stay time and low bounce rate.

Keywords are the “Key” – Video Helps Dealers Attack Relevant Keywords

The video packages that we offer our dealer clients are an entire series of specific content-related videos that are all separate and aimed at individual topics. The key to great automotive internet videos is knowing which videos you are making, and why you are making them in the first place. The content we create is “keyword ready” and about specific topics that attract searches in your area every day. For a certain price you can dominate those keywords at any time, but you cannot dominate the customer unless you attach content to those key-words that they are searching for that impresses them and motivates them to call your store.

YouTube is a Powerhouse, Full of Free Impressions and Motivated Buyers

Not everyone shops for a newer vehicle in the same way, or perhaps in the ways dealers would expect them to. Studies show a large portion of serious buyers are not using the methods that dealers are used to and are instead searching YouTube for content related to dealerships and their buying process to help them make a decision. These shoppers are looking for value over price and for that reason, exactly the shoppers a dealership should be interested in. The best part of having the content you built for your dealership featured on sites like YouTube is the fact that there is ZERO cost per impression to talk to the same people who are buying cars that week who you could potentially be spending money on as leads.

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